Topic 3: Reflection

The idea of having an authentic profile online is one that seems to relate to being a real person behind an account and not just a robot. However, maintaining an authentic online professional profile entails making the most of the social media resources available to us for social recruiting.

Aside from what I learnt in my own research, the work of others made me look at the prospect of a professional profile online more personal, in terms of how I can improve my existing accounts and even create now ones.

From reading Rachel’s blog post, I considered the importance of having consistency on all my social media accounts in order to be taken more seriously as a professional. This is something that I first came across in my research on Topic 2, where having the same image on each account was beneficial for being identified easily.

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However, this blog post and the subsequent discussion took this further in terms how important it is for being considered as a serious candidate and to clearly demonstrate what my identity is online.

Through the discussion that followed from Ausaf’s blog post, I saw the benefits of social recruiting, more from the perspective of employers. I hadn’t considered that there were drawbacks of using the CV application process in terms of the number of employers received. By being able to directly contact or scout possible employees online, a company for example, doesn’t have to rely on how many people will see an ad in a newspaper. From a self-reflective point of view, after discussing Ausaf’s personal experiences and what the benefits of LinkedIn are, I have learnt that my research has proven true and it is beneficial as a networking tool, which is something I would definitely find advantageous.

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[jetsetshow] (2010, June 29) 7 Steps to Building Your Online Identity. (Video File) [Date Accessed: 19 March 2017)

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Rachel’s blog

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