Topic 4: Reflection

Reflecting on Topic 4, I was able to explore some of the ethical dangers of using social media, significantly looking at young people or “the Net Generation” (Tapscott, 2014) using it for educational purposes.

Sharon’s post drew my attention by the title that privacy on the internet is a luxury, and regardless of whether we feel that we should have privacy online, nevertheless, it can’t be provided. From my comment and the subsequent discussion, I was able to learn about the different ways that we are supported online. I was unaware of the numerous acting bodies in both the UK, such as the GCHQ, and the US that actively monitor online activity. From learning this, I felt a stronger sense of security for myself that potentially criminal behaviour is monitored but I also understood the title of the blog post more, since there is an element that we are always being watched.

From reading Catherine’s post, I was able to see the ethical dangers of social media from a very different perspective, such as looking at people who are public figures. It is a consistent topic that individuals in the public eye are more susceptible to receiving hate, on a large scale and quite frequently.

“Many high profile women and men have been compelled to leave Twitter after suffering abuse at the hands of trolls” (Cohen, 2014).

Cases such as that of Jo Cox demonstrate that freedom of speech online, even for business and educational purposes, carry tragic risks.

In Topic 3, I looked at mainly the positive aspects of social media as an opportunity for recruitment. However, researching Topic 4 through sources, reading the posts of my peers and engaging in discussions, has provided me with a more informed view of its associated risks.

Word Count: 299


Cohen, C., (2014, November 18). Twitter trolls: The celebrities who’ve been driven off social media by abuse. The Telegraph. [Accessed: 2 April 2017]

Tapscott, D., (2014, October 30). Five Ways Talent Management Must Change. World Economic Forum. [Accessed: 7 April 2017]

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  1. Mitä mieltä Makkonen on “Sallan radasta”? Löytyisikö sille käyttöä Venäjän federaatiossa vai ovatko liikneneviraston taksat yhdistettynä Pohjanlahden rannikon satamamaksuihin liian korkeat, jotta venäläiset käyttäisivät Euroopan liikenteessään Murmanskin ja Arkanelin alueelta Suomen rautateitä ja väyliä?


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