My Final Reflection

Rating at start of module Rating at end of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information


3 4 This module as well as other modules this semester have helped me to find new websites to access materials e.g.`
Participating in online communities



1 3 This is the first time I have actively participated in any form of online community
Building online networks around an area of interest



1 3 I have definitely enjoyed working with others on the module
Collaborating with others on shared projects



1 3 This module has been an opportunity to engage in an element of group work through peer assessment
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)



2 4.5 This is a skill I am very glad that I have learnt. I have been able to learn new ways to be creative and also new tools to make visual elements for my work
Managing your online identity



2 3 I have learnt about the importance of privacy and how to make my online accounts look organized
Managing your online privacy and security



3 3 I have learnt more about why privacy is important, however, my privacy settings are still as secure as they previously were

From studying UOSM2008, I have learnt about myself and the way I work online. One thing I have learnt is that I enjoy working independently. Unlike other modules, ‘Living and Working on the Web’ is a module that is student-driven. I have enjoyed being able to take a break from the generic method of lecturing for a few hours a week, and learn information about the tools available online that I would only ever have known by conducting research outside of university. The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt is how to produce visual aids to liven up my work. In my discipline, I’ve rarely been able to explore my creativity outside of my written work. Being able to make infographics, which I’d never even heard of before the module, images and even videos are lessons that will greatly benefit me in future employment.

Whilst studying the topics, there are several references which once I had read the blog posts of others, I wished I had included in my original post. The benefits of being able to post comments on other people’s blogs was it allowed me to incorporate these references and engage in a conversation to get the opinion of others, so my learning did not end after my topic post.


new-piktochart_22695559_b806c630a7ee23fbf2e63b53ebef6f7944ce881fI have definitely been surprised by how enjoyable I have found this blog. I spent a lot of time customizing my blog at the beginning of the module to make it as reflective of me as possible, and have taken a lot of pride in making sure my blog both looks and reads well. There have been instances when reading the blog posts of others have made me want to improve my own blog. I’ve dealt with this by attending the weekly seminars on those occasions to get some tips on websites to use or by using some of the same software that others in this module and previous years have used.

My knowledge of social media as a tool for employment has developed, not just from the topics but also from the module as a whole about how a blog can be another way to show employers your personality by linking it to sites such as LinkedIn.

Collectively, my digital literacy has improved, as I’ve become more aware of different tools available online. Creating a blog is something I never intended on doing but it has been a good learning experience. In terms of developing my own social networks, I’m still taking my time with creating new accounts. I have learnt a lot about their benefits, most of which I agree with, however I would like to create these profiles (I.e. LinkedIn and a new active Twitter account) when I know they won’t be left dormant because I don’t have time to use them. I am now equipped with the knowledge of how to use them effectively and in the coming months I will create accounts properly to gain as much as possible out of them.

Word Count: 498


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